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Monday, October 5, 2015

Captcha Data Entry work

Free online captcha entry work. Join us today and be part of a great team

Welcome to free captcha entry work.Our aim is to give people a respective and ligament work at home anyone who can type can work with us and we are happy to see him with us. Basically its a typing job but you need a little knowledge about english not much a very little like A,B,C its a best online job that gives you best extra money.


We provide free online captcha work online anyone who have good typing speed can do is work. It’s a very simple work all you have to do is just type the words that you see on the screen. We have two servers both work 24/7 you can see detail of these server at the server1 or server2 page. Our payment mood is Perfectmoney.is or bitcoin payment.

Register your self here and join us.

How to join?

  • Just fillup the Email form in the right side.. 
  • Put your payment details on message box and what are you applying for
  • Wait until 24hrs , We will send to you your software and Ids
  • Payment process accepted Bitcoin and perfectmoney.is

Our minimum cashout $2

Ids and software are free
Be your own boss and start today
You can earn 5$ to 10$ a day all you have to do is just move your fingers as fast as you can.

Daytime 0.60$/1000 captcha

Night time 1$ to 1.10 /1000 captcha

if you are ready to do this

Important note

we will provide you software and id your all data will show in server1 or server2 page.

All data update every after 24 hours

only correct captcha will count so do it right and do it fast


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